Friday, December 22, 2006

The History of Schlitz Beer

The information you'll find at was first put together nearly ten years ago and has never been in print before. That's not entirely true - many of the entries were first printed in newspapers, books, and pamphlets up to over 150 years ago.

In addition to finding information about the Schlitz Company, there are a lot of interesting items about other Milwaukee breweries, the City of Milwaukee, and the √úhlein/Uihlein/Uehlein family. Information about the Schlitz and Krug families is also being developed. Please note that these articles will be revised from time to time, with additions and corrections - I will change the "Revision Date" as this is done.

Hundreds of hours were spent browsing the main Milwaukee Public Library's Sentinel card files, and then examining the dozens and dozens of microfilm spools. Each of the hundreds of copied sheets were then carefully read, edited, and typed into this chronology of Schlitz company events. Visits to the Milwaukee County Historical Society yielded books, pamphlets, news clippings and City Directories to pour over and copy information from. Of course no research would be complete without visits to the Milwaukee County Court House to get copies of old wills, death notices, and birth certificates.